UWIM makes cryptocurrency available to most people around the world

Own blockchain technology with architecture that assumes a large number of user smart contracts We create a large number of eco-system products in order not only to enable users to create smart -tokens but also to use them Network participants can create smart tokens from components by selecting all the necessary functions directly in the console Network participants will be able to create their own applications and contribute to the library of smart contracts with their solutions We use cross-chain to connect UWIM with other networks. Besides, the products of the eco-system will also have support for other networks tokens

We create the future

UWIM mission: Make blockchain technologies and their commercialization simple, convenient and clear for everyone.

With UWIM - your own personalized token creation and use have become as simple as making a profile on social networks.

UWM - The main unit of the platform Limited number of UWM tokens

- IDO and a global announcement is planned for the first quarter of 2022

- Manage to join the network at the very beginning