Volee — is a community platform to manage all community activities in one place. Volee.io creates personalized meetings and recommendations in the community based on people’s preferences and provides an analytical dashboard to community leaders. Volee.io drives the engagement rate of communities by up 50%, reduces the acquisition cost through the value of sustainable community, and collects additional data about clients.

Our product helps digital banks, business schools, event service providers, and communities to acquire new SME customers cheaper than before and increases the brand awareness for the company. 

Results that we provide:
1. Acquired new SME customers cheaper and faster for marketing departments
2. Increased brand awareness for the company with the help of strong community building
3. Increased the number of transactions within the ecosystem of SME customers
4. Collected additional information about clients' businesses to form personal offers for the customers

How it works:
In banks: https://rko.tochka.com/network
In business schools: https://sit.meetsup.io
In startup ecosystems: https://startupnetwork.meetsup.io
Страна: Эстония | Категории: ИИ в банках, ИИ в социальных сетях, ИИ в науке,